Six-on-Saturday 11-08-2018

I couldn’t hang out the washing yesterday, there was too much rain!! It was just what we needed, so I am very happy and will hang out the washing tomorrow.

I am waiting for some new colour just now but I hope the photos are of some interest anyway. Here are my Six-on-Saturday.


The helenium is in its second season and much better this time. It was a plant given to me by……guess who! Yes, Mr Propagator, again, so thank you, again.

I don’t remember seeing the leaves on the rhubarb turning red at the edges before, however, it is still producing enough for a rhubarb crumble quite frequently.


This is a Salvia Amethyst from Mr P earlier in the year. It’s a very pretty blue but the blooms are falling off rather quickly either from the dry weather or from the heavy rain or the gusty winds!! Plenty more to come, fortunately.


These two plants were grown from seeds my neighbour and I collected years ago when visiting some gardens in the Gardener’s World offer of 2 for 1 entry in their monthly magazine. The plum coloured stalk in the first picture is rather uninteresting on its own but, if I remember to, I collect the seeds in the autumn then plant several at the back of the border in a cluster – they look good like that.

The second picture shows a plant which has small, pale blue flowers but the foliage is interesting in that it looks like a little tree. I will show that later when it flowers. Both the plants self-seed each year.


The herb garden has been very healthy this year. The mint, parsley, chives, sage and basil have all done well. There was a rosemary tree which I cut down completely due to it being too big for its position but I have a smaller version in a different bed. There is a thyme bush and an oregano plant in other parts of the garden.


These are all seedlings from verbena bonariensis found in different corners of the garden. They have been in the pots for a few days and look very healthy. I will plant them in the tiny conservatory flowerbed ready for next year.


This Veronica was quite difficult to photograph* to show it off properly. It does lean over but it is tied to a stake, however, if I tie it more tightly, it looks wrong. Never mind, it is fine but not a very dense mass of colour!

*Well, maybe a better photograper could do it justice!

(I thought I would sneak in a picture of that lovely rose, this time looking quite different with rain drops on it.)

Well another week passes by. I hope you have all had some rain. We are getting enough to freshen up the garden but I am still having to water several times a week. Looking forward to seeing your Sixes-on-Saturday.

15 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 11-08-2018

  1. Helenium is a plant I didn’t know about until I met som UK bloggers, and I’m finding it rather entrancing. I like the way the centres change as the flower ages. Your photo of them is a very good illustration of that feature. Gorgeous rose too, I can almost smell it.

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    1. Jonathan and family actually live about 60 miles away and often have very different weather. However, the reports from his area refer to plenty of rain. I have been out this morning so I will sit down now and enjoy yours and other Sixes-on-Saturday while I have my coffee.

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  2. Like the others, love both the helenium & rose, but am disappointed to know the rose has little scent. With a blush like that one has . . . o well, still a beauty. Your herb garden looks so civilised – how do you keep the mint under control? (I keep mine in pots.) And you remind me to go looking for verbena seedlings before they take over the world. Lovely Six, once again. Hope your coffee was strong & hot.

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    1. Reading your account of Mr BigNose and the gardens it made me wonder how many times you have moved. I suppose”Too many” is the answer. Anyway, I do cut back the mint and pull up unwanted roots a few times a year! (The coffee was most enjoyable, thank you, with a small Bran cinnamon muffin…… I know, I do live a wild life!!!)


      1. Muffin sounds pretty wild to me! As to moving, my OH’s job takes us all sorts of places, so quite often. Retirement looms very close, tho, so perhaps a forever home in my future.

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  3. Your Helenium are beautiful, I love those flowers and I love photographing them too as they always attract bees. Fortunately I managed to get my new beds planted before the rain, so now they can all have a nice soak.

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  4. I love Heleniums and whenever I have moved (fortunately not that often) they have always been the first plant I have planted in my “new” garden. I was around 5 or 6 when Mum gave me my first lesson in plant dividing and I got a little clump to start planting my own area of the garden.The descendants of that clump, by further division, are still with me. They are covered in heads just waiting to colour up and open (I hope) now we’ve had some rain. And I’m glad you have runner beans (from last week’s post).

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    1. These are my first Heleniums, I was unsuccessful trying to grow them from seed several years ago. I was given a couple of peonies by an aunt about 40 years ago and, having been told that they don’t like to be moved, have done so several times and split them successfully. (I may have mentioned this in an earlier Six-on-Saturday.) The runner beans continue producing well, thank you. I hope you will be back doing your Six-on-Saturday soon, your contribution is missed by many of us.


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