Six-on-Saturday 4-08-2018

I hope you are seeing some green on your lawns – mine is not back to normal, yet, but looks considerably better. (You may be able to see that in my last photo.) I mowed the lawn this week and was amazed at how much grass there was. Even though it wasn’t very long or thick, the lawn looks much better now!

I have decided to admit to one of of my disappointments this week. The Weeping Pussy Willow in the front garden (which has had a maximum of half a dozen catkins in any one season) has completely died this year after the very cold spell. I am going to shred the branches and use as a mulch, once we have had a lot more rain on the flowerbeds.

I need to start on the fruit cages sooner rather than later when my grandson comes back to stay (although I haven’t told him yet!) so that I can put some plants into the raised bed for the winter.

I will stop waffling and get on with my Six-on-Saturday.


The aforementioned Pussy Willow – it speaks for itself!


These are three blue flowered shrubs I ordered a couple of years ago. They are not a stunning, bright blue but quite pretty – I will show them once they do flower but I like the foliage anyway.


This is the second picking of runner beans which is thanks to Mr Kingdon’s advice. There are plenty more to come now, but next year I will use the fleece earlier in the season.


These were sold as “Fragrant, tumbling begonias” ! I can’t smell anything nor is there much tumbling going on that I can see!! Quite pretty though.


There is the prospect of good meals to come here! The apples are very tasty (although not the Bramley it was supposed to be!). Last year there were masses but this year there are a couple of dozen which is fine. We have enjoyed a few courgettes, but they are rather slow at the moment.


Although the colour seems rather limited now, sitting back and looking down the garden, it is quite pleasant. The lawn, as you can see, is improving but there is little rain forecast in the next few days so it might revert to brown again soon!

We did go to the football match last Saturday and were absolutely frozen!!! It was the coldest day for months!! There was a biting wind and even our hardy grandsons were shivering, although Granny’sGardenHimIndoors was completely absorbed by the match and didn’t notice! He is made of stronger stuff than me!

Hope you all have a good weekend. As usual, I look forward to seeing your Sixes-on-Saturday.