Six-on-Saturday 14-7-2018

We had rain, rain, rain yesterday, although, the water barrels were not quite filled to the top. Fortunately the thunder and lightning that was forecast did not materialise. I am looking forward to seeing the effect of this rain on various parts of the garden – the lawn, the courgettes, the vegetable seeds and the strawberries plus other plants.

Meanwhile, back to this week’s Six-on-Saturday, perhaps not as colourful as usual.


I hope you can see that the water barrel is nearly full. How can I get excited about that? Sad, but I am sure you understand!


Now, I wanted a red clematis a few years ago so I ordered a pack of four, which should have included a red one, except there was one white and three pale pink but no red.

So, I saw this (without the blooms, of course) in the local Aldi store last week and thought it was just what I wanted. Do those look like “Petunia red” flowers to you? That is in the description and on the photo on the label! Never mind, I will find a place for it and keep searching!


The hydrangea, whose individual flowerhead I showed a few weeks ago, is getting into full swing and looking good. Behind it is a perennial geranium which needs to be trimmed, but in the front you can see the previously trimmed ones coming back again.


The courgette flowers are a lovely shade of yellow. The vegetable itself is beginning to fill out but can’t be seen under the greenery! (Stuffed courgettes are Granny’sGardenHimIndoors’ favourite summer dish!)

The flecks on the leaves are from the Tamarix tree. I haven’t shown it over the last couple of months because as soon as the pink “turns”, there is just a brown mass of slowly drying blossom which covers me and everything nearby and gets in my hair every time I go down the garden! It will look fine soon.


The runner beans’ flowers have been showing for a little while but are then being eaten by something before the beans form. However, they have perked up a bit since the rain ……..but still no obvious beans. The penstemon continues to flower and responds well to deadheading but doesn’t really tone in with the colour of the beans but really I am happy with any colour in the garden.


What would you use these three items for?

First, who will admit to recognising the curved “pins” at the top? Yes, your granny probably had a set of Carmen heated rollers – Mrs Thatcher, apparently, swore by them. Well, these roller pins are useful to peg down fleece or plant protectors (my Perspex domes have holes in the rim which are for this purpose).

Second, that is not just for hammering stakes into the ground, it is also useful for trying to break up great lumps of clay when I attempt to dig in the garden!!!

Third, these secateurs are for removing weeds from the clay soil, or rather cutting them off at the base when I have exhausted all other methods of removing them and completely given up trying to get the roots out of that clay soil. (Have I mentioned the clay soil enough?!)

I hope the garden benefits from the rain yesterday and the flowers perk up. Looking forward to seeing your Sixes-on-Saturday – if you have had time to do photographs after that marathon Men’s Wimbledon semi-final!


19 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 14-7-2018

  1. Nothing sad about getting excited about a full water butt. Heck, I filmed mine! I’m glad you had some rain. I bought a hydrangea last year but as yet there are no sign of buds. Glad I’m not the only one with rock hard clay soil!

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    1. I feel rather inadequate not having videoed (?) my water butt in action! Thank you for your comment, I see you have not yet resorted to the hammer and chisel – I have started with the hammer, as you may have read, I will get out the chisel today!!

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  2. I wish my hydrangeas looked as good as yours. No amount of watering seems enough to keep mine from hanging their heads and their leaves. The beans look pretty perky too, hope you find and deal with the bean thief.


  3. I have a bottle of champagne ready to celebrate if the rain forecast for next Friday materialises here. I may get a bottle of prosecco ready for when one of my hydrangeas decides to give some sign that it is about to flower. Try throwing some netting over your beans. It could well be that birds are eating the flowers before you get up! If you try Googling “red clematis” and look at the photos, you’ll get anything from the palest pink to an even darker red than the one you’ve just bought. If you really want a particular shade, you’ll probably have to bite the bullet and buy from a clematis nursery. Some of us use tent pegs! *Wanders off into the distance singing excerpts from “Carmen”*

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    1. Thank you for your comments and advice. I am not a fan of netting in case, as I know has happened, a bird becomes entangled in it. I think you are right that it is the birds pecking at the flowers. Last year the beans came through eventually with a limited yield – I will have to weigh up my priorities and then stop moaning!
      (I can lend you some hair pins if you run out of tent pegs.)


      1. Fair point about the netting. Maybe you could try horticultural fleece though you’d have to throw it over the beans in the evening and remove it once you’d had breakfast. The flower eating seems to be part of the dawn chorus ceremony. Or maybe try tying some strips of kitchen foil around the plants – if the strips move a bit in the breeze the shiny sparkles should deter the birds, even in the early morning.


  4. Lucky you to have rain, I got excited a couple of days ago when I felt a few gentle drops but the rain making person was just playing games. I love clashing colours in the garden. My neighbour has just been complaining his beans are full of flowers but no sign of beans, hope you get some soon.

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  5. Your penstemon/runner bean combination is surprising, but quite lovely. I can understand your excitement over a nearly full rain barrel. I really must add one of those to my garden.


  6. My water butts have now been filled many times by the hose! It’s the only way I can keep the automatic watering system going. I like the bean/Penstemon combo, it catches your eye. I’ve something similar with Penstemon ‘Garnet’, Erysimum ‘Apricot Delight’ and Salvia ‘Hot Lips’. In my defence, I thought the unlabelled Salvia was a purple one

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  7. Honest, Guv, it really did rain! Although I am only convinced that my memory is not playing tricks on me when I look in the water butt – the garden doesn’t look green and healthy.


  8. Don’t know what they look like in person, but when I saw the photo of penstamon & beans, I thought how punky that looked. Not the usual combo for most gardeners but would bring a smile to my face for its quirkiness if in my garden. Doesn’t the Propagator have a red clematis he could propagate for you? He seems to have 100s!

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