Six-on-Saturday 7-7-2018

Why are the weeds staying healthy and green without any water, whilst the flowers, shrubs and trees are wilting even with as much water as I can give them? I’m afraid there will be some casualties come the end of the season.

I have put fleece over the blackcurrants, strawberries, Brussels, broccoli and a few vegetable seeds I am trying, although it is late in the season, but it is rather a palaver to take it on and off to water. (I thought the water would go through but it just runs off even though I have cut several holes in it) – I will have to get cracking on some fruit cages….. that should stop the pigeons standing on the branches of the blackcurrants and breaking them!

Here is this week’s Six, much of it courtesy of my #1 son-in-law!


First, the hollyhocks! These have appeared/thrived without any help from me – perhaps I should ignore more of the garden!!


This Loosestrife (I can’t remember it’s proper name) was given to me, probably 10 years ago, by Mr Propagator. It comes back every year but needs to be staked from quite early on. (You can see some of the stalks making a bid for freedom.)


The Astilbe is not quite in full flower yet. Mr P gave me three but I am afraid the other two look rather sorry for themselves in the front garden. (Notice the perennial geranium is coming back quite happily!!)


The tomatoes are coming along nicely – again, courtesy of Mr P. I think this is Moneymaker, if I haven’t mixed up the labels!


This is a small, round flowerbed in the middle of the lawn. The Gaura at the back of the bed featured in its early stages in spring. The white, or rather off-white, lavender is doing well.

(You may remember that I was going to dead-head the Special Child rose this week but it doesn’t seem to be losing its petals yet and still looks good in the flowerbed behind!)


I have shown the pale pink and the white perennial sweet pea already, this is the darkest one just down the fence from the pale pink variety. They really do earn their place in the garden.

Well, that’s it for my Six-on-Saturday. The clover is still there on the lawn – the bees like it

– so does the cat!


10 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 7-7-2018

    1. Thank you. As I said, I can take no credit for those! Never mind, they still look good. Have I looked at your Six-on-Saturday this week? There are so many now that I lose touch. Just going to check but I think I have seen it.


    1. Thank you but I have to admit I try not to show the parched ground and grass, nor do I show the plants that have not coped with the heatwave but in general, it still looks good from most angles!!
      Yes, over the years, #1 son-in-law has given me a good few plants…… plus that compost container!

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  1. I’m impressed that your bird seed hasn’t planted the garden around the hollyhocks (which are breathtaking, to be honest). Even watered, my lavender is struggling so much, I’ve put it into the shade. Yours is looking gorgeous. I do love that off-white shade. It goes so well w/the white section of your garden – the dab of lychnis, the peach rose, the heuchera & are those sedum next to it? That’s such a nice colour scheme there.


    1. Thank you. I do weed under the bird feeders every so often, but I am amazed by these hollyhocks although I am happy to take the credit!! The roses are keeping the colour in the garden but I don’t know how long it will be before they start wilting too.


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