Six-on-Saturday 30-6-2018

I am not going to mention the weather, although it is amazing if you don’t have to go to work and you don’t have a garden!

Some of my six involve plants that have featured before in their earlier stages but the updates are quite different.

There is no jungle and riverbank expedition this week, but I have replanted the strawberry bed, apparently quite satisfactorily.

Here is my Six-on-Saturday.


I thought I would put the strawberries into an old “Safeway” green box (who remembers those?) in the old wheelbarrow. The box, unfortunately, was a little too high so I disguised the edge with some hay, but that didn’t work very well!

On Monday we went to Batsford Arboretum for a coffee (and THE most delicious piece of carrot cake I have ever tasted) and in their “Pot Shop” I found this trough which is much better. (The strawberries have picked up immediately to my surprise!)


This white lavender comes back, as they all do, every year regardless of the apparently unsuitable very heavy clay soil.

On the right is the white version of the perennial sweet pea which climbs over the ivy and the shrub beside it.


The Special Child rose in FULL bloom. Next week I will cut off all the spent flowers ready for the next “flush”.


The first hollyhock! I rather like it against the clematis jackmanii. It is either self seeded or from last year’s base. There is a very dark burgundy coloured one down the garden from it.


I like this Alchemilla Mollis although I only have it next to the brown bin near the bottom of the garden. Perhaps I will move some of it to a more obvious position. It is quite low. I have seen taller ones. This may be kept low because the bin is dragged over it at least once a fortnight!


The lavender hedge is more fully out now. Underneath the lavender there are several dozen daffodil bulbs which have multiplied dramatically over the years. Unfortunately, there are very few of them that actually flower now but I think it would be impossible to lift the bulbs without wrecking the lavender!!

Well, that’s it again. I decided to mow the lawn before tea yesterday with my nice, new lawn mower, but trying to hurry, I mowed over the cable and tripped off the electricity – silly woman! I last did that about 15 years ago. I managed to sort it out and then found that the extension lead was faulty! I managed to sort that out and finished the lawn. I was only wanting to mow away the short, white clover but it seemed to duck down every time the mower went over it, so the lawn hardly looks any different! I seem to remember this happening before…….all in all, a complete waste of time!!!

Anyway, hope we all have a good weekend. Looking forward to seeing your Sixes, as always.

12 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 30-6-2018

  1. The lavender hedge looks gorgeous and I agree about the hollyhock next to the clematis-an eye-catching combination of colour. I’ve always liked those two colours together. Special Child looks fabulously healthy.

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    1. Thank you. You are supposed to harvest the flowers just before they are in full bloom but there are so many bees on them that I usually leave them. However, a few years ago, one of my granddaughters wanted to make some bags of lavender for her Mum’s wardrobe and we were quite successful with the flowers well past their prime!


  2. Love the white lavender and that clematis. My jackmanii is in a pot and I fear, pot-bound. Might have to see if I can persuade it to come out at the end of summer. It shares the pot with a winter jasmine, a self-seeded foxglove and several tree seedlings by the looks of it!

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  3. I love the white sweet pea – is yours one of the fragrant varieties? How wonderful, not to have to fuss w/new seedlings every year for some places you’d want to continue growing them. Didn’t know to pick the lavender before it opened, so always picked it when I wanted to & it still had loads of scent left. Wonder what picking it earlier would do? Oh, everything in your garden’s looking great. I just love the . . . oh, the everything.

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    1. Thank you, Lora. The sweet pea has no fragrance but I am happy that it just keeps coming back. The garden does generally look good although, of course, I don’t show you my disasters or disappointments! I am with you in that I am not sure what benefit picking the lavender earlier would give.

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  4. Thank you. That wheelbarrow belonged to my husband’s grandfather and was passed on to us via my husband’s father. It was held together by several layers of paint over rotting wood, so I took it apart then using the remnants of an old pine bed plus what I had in the garage I copied the original as much as I could with this result. Don’t look too closely, it looks better from a distance! The only parts of the original are the wheel and the leg protectors and DON’T put anything heavy in it!


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