Six-on-Saturday 23-6-2018

I was down the garden to see how the redcurrants were progressing and noticed someone had had a good feed at them already!!! I don’t think the cat likes them nor does Granny’sGardenHimIndoors – anyway, the bushes are right at the bottom of the garden and he doesn’t usually go down there on his own – so, I reckon the resident blackbirds and pigeons are feasting on them. I have done the first picking and will do a little more each day….there are masses of them so maybe the birds should be allowed a few.

Anyway, here are my Six-on-Saturday for this week.

1) This Thursday I donned my wellies and rubber gloves and approached the river at the bottom of the garden! I had asked the council to clear their hedge so that I could actually get into the river to clear my side – I mentioned this before. However, nothing has been done, so with the help of Granny’sGardenHimIndoors, we lifted the fence panel and I climbed down the ladder into the undergrowth.

The trouble was that the hedge the other side is mainly hawthorn with long bramble branches and holly intertwined…a prickly combination! Anyway, I survived, but 7 sacksful of the undergrowth later and fingers feeling as though they have been used as a pincushion, it is finished. Again, Granny’sGardenHimIndoors helped put the panel back and admired the result.

This was 9am Thursday on the riverbank……. what riverbank?

This was lunchtime on Thursday. I don’t like the look but maybe if I leave it on for 12 months, it might kill off the worst of the weeds but I won’t hold my breath! I haven’t tried to pull out all the roots in case too much of the soil is loosened from the bank. At least you can see the river now and our youngest grandson will be able to watch all the clocks and ticks* that he throws in go down with the current. (You may notice the sweet smelling honeysuckle in the hedge which did help make the task more pleasant.)

*Corks and sticks, of course!


I noticed this beautiful hydrangea coming into flower. It is the standard, traditional type but it made me think of the new popular one called Hydrangea Glam Rock, only more subtle.


I have a few penstemons but this is the first to flower and it goes on for months. I cut it back dramatically at the start of the year and it seems quite happy. (Rhubarb crumble again last night!)


The perennial sweet pea is starting to flower so should go on and on. There is no perfume as far as I can tell and they don’t last long as a cut flower, so it is only the shape of the flowerhead and the tendrils that make it like it’s annual namesake.

I have a white version over by the ivy shrub which masks a concrete post, but it is not flowering yet.


These geraniums were bought as plug plants well over a couple of months ago but are still only about 7cm tall – at least they are flowering! I spoke to a friend a few days ago who had experienced the same. They have been watered well and fed occasionally so who knows what the matter is.


What does your lawn look like? This is part of the front lawn, not the Grand canyon from the air! The back lawn has escaped the worst cracks, so far and still looks quite green.

I couldn’t finish on that ugly picture so here is a brief update of last week’s lovely rose!

Aaaaah! That’s better!

Looking forward to seeing your Sixes……..they keep on increasing at an amazing rate!

12 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 23-6-2018

  1. I am seeing lots of posts with perennial sweet peas. I didn’t know they could be perennial. I’ll so somei investigation and see if they might be in my area of the states. Anything that comes back year after year is a winner in my book.


  2. Like me, you had greedy birds that ate your red currants … I picked up half yesterday and had to protect the rest of the birds. Lovely Six pics , especially the last rose and hydrangea


    1. I am afraid not. I hadn’t really paid it much attention before but since Mr Propagator started his Six-on-Saturday and I joined in, I have been taking more notice of what I have in the garden. Thank you for your comment.

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    2. Looking back through last week’s comments to find out about that rose, I noticed a suggestion that it is called Peace rose. I don’t know but that sounds fine to me! Thank you for your comment.


  3. Those tiny rubies of redcurrants are gorgeous. My own bushes are a couple weeks behind yours. I also love the vibrant penstemon. Your dormant and dry lawn is just a sign of the summer season arriving I’m sure. Oh well, who needs lawn when there are so many flowers to be grown?!

    Liked by 1 person

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