Six-on-Saturday 16-6-2018

We have been away since last Sunday and less than 2 hours after we arrived home on Thursday, collected our grandsons from the airport who then took us around a university Open Day yesterday. (I think we were supposed to be taking them around but since they are bigger and cleverer than us, the roles were pretty much reversed!) I don’t think I enrolled for any degree courses by mistake!

As a result of all that, the garden has been rather neglected – fortunately, my kind neighbour watered the plants, but I need to spend all weekend deadheading, weeding and generally tidying…….. however, that won’t happen since the grandsons don’t go back until Sunday afternoon!

Here are this week’s six.


There will be a couple of roses this week. I’ve no idea what this is called but the colours are rather nice. It has been in the garden for at least 15 years and is going strong.


This is just about half of the Special Child rose bush. It will be stunning for at least 4 or 5 months with the flowers coming back in different shades of pink as I have mentioned before.


The Lychnis Coronaria started flowering properly while we were away. I like it against the Heuchera which is showing no signs of flowering yet! The Cerinthe Major is a little faded now – I think I will try cutting it back to see whether it bushes out again this year.


The small lavender hedge at the front of the garden was a mixture of plants I grew from seeds, cuttings of established plants and a couple of small, bought plants. I rarely cut it back at the right time because it is always covered in bees even when the flowers are way past their prime! (I think I can see one in the middle of the photo.)


The mock orange is a lovely flower and perfume but these two clusters are the sum total of ALL the blooms on the whole 2 metre high and wide shrub! This is in the same general area of the garden as the poor plum tree and the partially dried rose….. strange?!


The clematis jackmanii is starting to flower now! I do like it BUT ….. I only just noticed that bindweed at the back!!!!! I think it will be quite a major operation to unwind it and pull it up.

Well, that’s my Six-on-Saturday for this week. There is very hot weather forecast for a few days hence, although last night we had a good, but short, downpour. Off shopping for a dinner jacket each for the grandsons – they are much cheaper here than where they live! Then tomorrow, back to the airport for them…… we will be rather miserable, they are good fun.


10 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 16-6-2018

    1. What a colourful Six-on-Saturday! I like your white picket fence, too. The lavender, apparently, doesn’t like clay soil – no one has told all those plants in my garden, they thrive and multiply! I like my roses but I need a red one. Maybe next year…. the things I am going to buy and do next year!


  1. Bindweed .. an invader in our gardens … I understand that you want to remove it immediately, but you also know that it will always remain.
    Your first rose picture is really beautiful and it reminds me of one of mine (I don’t remember the name but mine seems to have less yellow in the center, I will try to find the name)

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  2. My ‘Peace’ rose is like that first one when it’s in bud and then it loses the pink around the edges and becomes paler as it ages- bit like me really! Your lavender hedge is lovely. I’ve pulled my lavender out as it tends to look very scruffy after a while even though I prune it carefully.


  3. Love to see all the mock oranges in this week’s posts, yours included. Good blooming years and bad ones come at will and are difficult to understand. That first golden rose should win a prize.


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