Six-on-Saturday 9-6-2018

The garden is at an “in between” stage – the peonies, the Aquilegias, the forget-me-nots and even the perennial geraniums are over their best. (The perennial geraniums will come back later, you will be pleased to hear.)

There are a few roses in this week but there are plenty more to come. The Lychnis Coronaria is poised and ready, as is the lavender, the Gaura, the hollyhocks, the clematis jackmanii and the perennial sweet pea.

I linked my slightly younger sister (although you wouldn’t realise it, I keep telling her) into my Sixes-on-Saturday, but instead of amazement and admiration, I had a complaint about a misplaced apostrophe (I know, a cardinal sin but she was correct that time) and a complaint that I should have written “blowsy” instead of “blousy”! I looked up “blowsy”: – coarse, untidy and red faced…….and “blousy”: – characteristic of a blouse, loose flowing. I know which I prefer, the poppy last week was definitely “loose flowing”.

After all that digressing, here is/are my Six-on-Saturday.

1) a),b),c) and d)

Roses, roses, roses and more 🌹. I haven’t any red or white ones, unless the Lucky Dip ones turn out to be those colours! I will have to wait and see…….. that is if they flower this year. All my roses are orange, yellow, pink or very pale pink.

The small, third rose was given to me by my cousin as an indoor plant about 8 years ago. It didn’t do much inside, so I planted it outside and the next season it had 20 blooms! It has varied over the last few years but it is a pretty plant. (The rose foliage behind it belongs to one of my Lucky Dip ones.)

The last picture shows an old rose bush that appeared to be dying from the bottom upwards this year, but, as you can see, the buds are fine and it seems to be flowering happily.


Well…… some signs of life on the plum tree! We will see what happens.


Another beautiful poppy! All the poppies in the garden are self-seeded. Behind it is one of the perennial sweet peas I may have mentioned already. I think it should flower within the next couple of weeks.


My #1 son-in-law gave me a gooseberry cutting last year, I think.

I wouldn’t say that the crop is bountiful, but not bad for its first season – I might make a small Gooseberry Fool!

(All the blueberries seem to be being eaten before they achieve a reasonable size but the blackcurrants and redcurrants are definitely bountiful!! I have just had a length of fleece delivered so will try to make a structure to support the fleece over the relevant plants – too late for the blueberries this year, I’m afraid.)


I know Feverfew can be a pain but, in moderation, it is a fresh splash of white. The Special Child rose behind is nearly ready – it is covered in buds.

Meanwhile, the rhubarb continues to provide plenty of crumbles.

Can anyone spot the usual…………..?


This lovely honeysuckle is the other side of what is known as”Granny’s river”. Although the fence is at the bottom of our garden, we are responsible for keeping our side (as far as the middle of the river) neat and tidy – called Riparian rights. Unfortunately, I can’t get to my side due to the brambles, holly and nettles coming from the hedge the other side! If the council don’t clear it soon, I will have to put on the wellies and protective garments and attack my weeds. The fence panel does lift out quite easily and I can abseil down…… well, I used to, now I go down a ladder! (It is all of 1.5 metres down to a 7 cm deep river!)

(No, I don’t use any power tools, just a trowel and some garden shears!)

I hope no one noticed my impromptu Six-on-Saturday mistakenly published on Thursday but deleted, I hope, very quickly. Fortunately, Granny’sGardenHimIndoors noticed it and sorted it out for me.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the Sixes-on-Saturday, although it does take a long time to read them all – I am afraid I must miss some.


8 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 9-6-2018

  1. Happy to see a new life in the plum tree that was cut. I think you’ll know more about it next year. About rhubarb, it’s a great year… mine doesn’t stop producing (so I use it for jams, crumbles, pies, ….)


  2. My geraniums are still in full flower though I thought you’d have plenty of flower photos so I’d leave the glory to you. But yours have gone over. Oh well. Maybe mine will get another look in next week. You might try misting the leaves of rose number 4 every evening for a few weeks (or until it rains).Won’t save dead leaves but may help to limit further die-back (or is it die-up?). I agree that Feverfew can be a real pain – it flatly refuses to grow for me, despite annual attempts. Is there no end to your talents? Waterway clearance this week, what is to come, I wonder.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One of my talents this year seems to be killing well established, healthy trees/shrubs! However, anyone who knows me will agree I’m a supposed Jack of all trades and Master of none! Hey ho! Thank you for the helpful hints and looking forward to your geraniums next Saturday.


  3. It’s great that your plum tree seems to be coming right. Loved reading about your riparian rights story: we had the same thing at our previous place with a very steep bank which meant not only did I take weeding gear, but I also needed a spade to cut footholds as I went.


  4. I had to look up ‘riparian’ earlier today as I didn’t know what it meant and here it is again! I don’t like the sound of you tackling the council’s weeds – perhaps as well the river is not very deep. Those rose buds hold a lot of promise!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That’s interesting about your river. I am lucky that mine’s not that far down! (Sorry, I have been out today and am rather late answering.) I don’t mind doing the job but it is rather irritating that the council don’t make it easy! I am going to use some of the stinging nettles to make a liquid feed for the garden – I understand it is far superior to the shop bought feeds.


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