Six-on-Saturday 2-6-2018

Well, my mower finally packed up yesterday. The last twice I have used it, I have had to remove the blade, spray copious amounts of WD-40 on it, then glare and swear at it and bully it into life.

That didn’t work yesterday, so since I couldn’t find the receipt from 18 years ago, Granny’sGardenHimIndoors leapt into action and dashed off to our nearest Wickes and bought me a new one! The lawn looks better than it has for years.

All this torrential rain has kept the soil workable for longer than usual making weeding much easier.

I noticed a smell of basil in the greenhouse when I went in early yesterday morning and saw a huge snail munching the largest of my 4 very small basil plants. Hmmmmm.

Here are my Six-on-Saturday.


The raised bed first had 4 sacks of well rotted horse manure, then 4 fifty pound sacks of mushroom compost mingled with a little soil and plenty of garden compost. I was hoping to plant seeds in it straight away but I know you have to wait for a while until it isn’t as strong.

(The Tamarix tree has lost all the pink and will remain a dull brown colour until the green “leaves” take over. They are more like conifer greenery than ordinary leaves. The plastic domes are to discourage the pigeons and slugs from my courgettes and Brussels.)


These two little troughs of sempervivums have revived somewhat. They were packed with plenty of degradable “polystyrene” but although the arrows showed which way up the box should be transported, the plants were all at different angles or completely upside down and rather sorry for themselves!


This Primula that Mr Propagator gave me has shot up from the middle of the flowers that have finished to make a completely new flowerhead……..has anyone else had this?


I think this is a pyracantha but I am not sure. It comes back each year and is rather pretty.


This poppy is beautiful and blousy every year! It is in the front garden and I have been asked several times for seeds once it has finished flowering.

The Acer is quite striking but it doesn’t get any bigger – it has been there for at least 10 years!

At the left is a different perennial geranium. This one gets larger but doesn’t spread all around the neighbourhood.


I know you are thinking ” Not again!!!!” Well, yes, but I hope you notice the white blooms among the standard pink ones. They are on the same plants as the pink yet are a perfect white!

That’s it for another week! The forecast is for a good weekend here so maybe some time in the garden? I hope Mr Kingdon checks his predictive text before he refers to my erratic or even exotic power tools again.


17 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 2-6-2018

  1. On reading your opening paragraph our first thought was “that’s an unusual way to let us know FIL had shuffled off this mortal coil”. On reflection, the idea that he might have mowed the lawn was so preposterous that I quickly realized you probably were not referring to him indoors. Note it was not the application of WD40 that gave it away….

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  2. Spellchecker? I meant “erotic” last week. At my age, one can get quite turned on by the thought of a power-tool wielding lady, you know. 😉 It can be frustrating when someone packing a parcel of plants ignores the arrows and packs upside down. If I may be so bold as to risk a correction without fear of physical assault (preferably without a power tool), your number 4 is a Potentilla. Very reliable shrub but without the very strong and long thorns of the Pyracantha (and no berries for the blackbirds to nick). Congratulations on your new acquisition. Unlike your SiL, my vision was of GGHI mowing the lawn for you, whilst being chased by a lady wielding a can of WD40, and eventually going on strike.

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    1. I knew the name began with a “p”, thank you. I thought you might be grateful for the “mistake” with your spell checker, Granny’sGardenHimIndoors does not approve of your correspondence! (Although he does have a chuckle at it.) 😀


  3. Now that is a stunning looking raised bed!! That’s putting my basic ‘slot together’ wooden beds to shame!
    Your acer looks similar to the one my mum has in her garden – does yours tend to look a really intense fiery red in the autumn too? (I’m hoping to get a photo at the right time this year – so far I’ve left it a smidge too late every year)

    Mum says she thinks number 4 is a Potentilla Abbotswood as it doesn’t have the ‘lethal’ thorns her Firethorn Pyracantha does!


  4. Thank you and your Mum! Mr Kingdon was quick off the mark today and made the same suggestion.
    The raised bed was a case of “What have I got that needs to be used?” Since I didn’t want to throw the fence pieces away, I thought I would try this. It’s not perfect but I am really quite pleased with it!
    The Acer stays like this all year.


  5. Clever these plastic domes! … But in a while the plants could be cramped … You’re right, now tender stems will be less tasty for pigeons and slugs in a few weeks. Otherwise I agree, it’s a potentilla and I have the same but yellow

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