Six-on-Saturday 19-5-2018

Had a busy week just potting some seedlings, planting runner beans and putting the strawberries that Granny’sGardenHimIndoors bought me from Morrisons into the old wheelbarrow, amongst other things.

I have nearly finished a raised bed made from some low picket fences I bought at least 10 years ago from Argos. I thought they were all the same size but 2 of the 6 were different. Quite challenging and took all day Thursday. I will line it with some permeable sheeting. I hope it will be completed for next week.

Looking forward to a sunny weekend!


PEONIES at last! This plant is a couple of days earlier than the others. The Weigela behind is looking good. The perennial geranium continues to impress.


Just down the flowerbed, the Aquilegias are thriving along with the rhubarb, the sedum, the Lychnis Coronaria, the Heuchra I grew from seed many years ago, some forget-me-nots which have had a short reprieve and, at the back, the Special Child rose bush. Have I missed anything?


These strawberries were Β£1 each and are very healthy. I will show them in their wheelbarrow in a couple of weeks.


If you look closely, you can count 6 runner bean plants although one is nearly hidden by the peony. I have put in another 6 bean seeds in case any of these don’t survive.


The wheelbarrow can be seen at the left but it is a bit untidy, at the moment. I put the strawberries into compost in an old “Green box” from ages back but the top of the box protruded above the edge of the wheelbarrow so I bought some hay from a pet shop with the idea of hiding the box.

Meanwhile, the Tamarix tree is getting more feathery. The raised bed is in place behind it but I cannot hammer the stakes in enough due to the very hard clay soil. This afternoon I will water around them and hope to soften the soil enough! (The pile of bricks is the path I had to lift to fit the raised bed in. I will use them to put a path across the front of the raised bed. I am trying to be able to reach all the vegetable garden from paths made from left over bricks and blocks from our driveway and patio.)


The Welsh Poppy looks lovely – it shows off the perennial geranium a treat!

Last night I found an old gardening programme called “Real Gardens”. A very young Monty Don and Carol Klein and no sign of Nigel. Quite gentle watching. Does anyone remember “Garden Club”? I felt that was about real people in real gardens.

Well, I must do the ironing at some point and clean the bathroom but I think that can wait for a rainy day…….it had better rain soon!!


12 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 19-5-2018

  1. Wow! is all I can say. That first photo with the peonies is wonderful. And the tamarix….I’ve never seen one flower so floriferously.


  2. Wow! A granny that lays block paving, happily hammers large stakes into the ground, does carpentry….! Is there no end to your talents and energy? What does “Him Indoors ” do? Your question at (2) is, I guess, rhetorical. I do the ironing once a year, in January. For about a week. I have lots of wardrobes.

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    1. Granny’sGardenHimIndoors does the housework and shopping and keeps well away from the garden! A long, long time ago we used to do the garden together until he commented that the clump of grass he had just pulled up smelled very strange…….we didn’t have any chives for the the potato salad that summer. If you saw many of my attempts at woodwork and paving*, you may not be that impressed. As my #1 son-in-law always says “Whatever it looks like, it will be better than before.” I took that as a compliment, I think?
      I do gawp in wonder, amazement and admiration at your wooden “planters”, at Mr Larkin’s woven raised beds and, of course Mr P’s planters, raised beds and living wall.

      *The “paving blocks” measure 15 by 15 cm and the bricks are standard house bricks.
      Thank you for your comments. I decided to read them with my coffee since they always warrant a carefully worded reply.

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  3. History of a peony.
    Aunt Mark’s(my godmother) garden in Streatham.
    transplanted Staffordshire
    Transferred Peak district.
    Moved to Cotswolds.

    Aunt Mark would be pleased.

    Jings. We’ve been together 51 years.
    Granny has looked after us well.πŸ’•

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  4. Your garden looks so pretty and exuberant. The geranium is a great colour. Do you know which one it is? Ironing etc??? Is it supposed to be done regularly? Gardening clothes don’t need ironing and if you’re outdoors then inside is staying clean and tidy. Sounds a good theory anyway!

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    1. Perfect logic! I did manage to get up to date with the ironing this afternoon. I was waiting for the extra supports for the raised bed to dry – having just stained them to match the rest of the “fence”. Thank you for your comment.

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