Six-on-Saturday 12-5-2018

This week I made the decision to dig over the vegetable plot since the pigeons have put paid to any seeds which did eventually peep through the soil. As Mr P suggested, I need to cover them with fleece or netting – fleece would be best to keep off the Cabbage White butterfly when I plant out the Brussels and Broccoli.

I ordered some delphiniums, begonia corms, strawberries and geraniums a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the delphiniums looked pretty poor when they arrived, the begonia corms had no shoots and still haven’t after a few weeks in the potting compost and 7 out of the 12 strawberries look dead! The geraniums seem fine so I think I will phone the suppliers (who, very quickly, refunded me for the delphiniums) to see about the rest of the plants.

In the greenhouse, 4 runner beans have sprouted, although something has eaten the top of the 5th one, the courgettes are showing through as are the Brussels and Broccoli. I am very late with sewing some seeds but with going away in March, I didn’t like to leave too much for our neighbours to water.

Anyway, here are my Six-on-Saturday.


The Pittosporum is in full flower! I thought they would be red, but there are tiny, deep purple flowers on each stem. They don’t show up very well but the plant itself is a nice shape and I am quite happy with it.


The Aquilegias are all suddenly springing into flower! I have several different ones dotted about the garden, mostly self-seeded. Meanwhile. I am still waiting for the peonies to actually bloom – there is one on the left here, poised and ready. The perennial geranium provides a bit of colour at the base.


I have a couple of Gaura plants beside the bird bath. They flower all summer long and have done since I grew them from seed about 15 years ago. Originally, I put some small plants at the base of the birdbath, however, they didn’t look very exciting so I decided to try the much taller Gaura plants. They do need to be staked but will look pretty with my cane toppers! The perennial geranium provides a bit of colour at the top.


Soft fruit bushes here. The top photo shows the blackcurrants and redcurrants. About 5 years ago, I had to dig up very large bushes of both. So I simply cut off a few twigs from each and stuck them in the ground at the bottom of the garden. That was a very wet winter and, I admit, that I forgot about them because I didn’t go down the garden for weeks. Anyway, spring eventually arrived and when I ventured down there, I found that they were all shooting! There must be at least 10 bushes in a small bed (about 2′ by 4′) but they seem very healthy and productive so I am leaving them, at the moment. (The blackcurrants fruited from the first year but this is the first time the redcurrants have shown more than a couple of berries/currants.)

The lower picture shows one of my 3 blueberry bushes. I bought them last year. They didn’t fruit – I didn’t expect them to – but, clearly, there are quite a few berries this time.


The Lathyrus vernus is now showing its colourful pods which will stay until the end of the season. The perennial geranium provides a bit of colour underneath.


The lilac tree is looking and smelling lovely! The bush that hides the brown bin is in full flower – they don’t smell at all, although the foliage has the pungent aroma I referred to a few weeks ago. The tamarix tree is progressing towards the “Pink Feather” look – I think it is beautiful. Meanwhile, Granny’sGardenHimIndoors decided to take a photo of Granny taking a photo of the lilac! (If any of the family are worried, he did find his way back to the house…..on his own, without the SatNav!)

That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoy your shorter weekend – never mind, there is another long weekend in a fortnight. I think the forecast is good again, although not quite as hot.


16 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 12-5-2018

  1. That is a very smart Pittosporum: I like its shiny leaves. I didn’t know they have flowers, but I guess it makes sense as all plants do, one way or another.


    1. Thank you, Mr Kingdon, I was so annoyed about the Pittosporum and the blueberries that I didn’t notice the Aquilegias. I am pleased you spotted the perennial geranium, I wasn’t sure if I had mentioned them.


    1. Thank you. I have stopped sulking!!! I hadn’t noticed, until Mr Kingdon pointed out, that he also had Aquilegias first! Never mind, I am just settling down with a cup of coffee to read the other Sixes-on-Saturday.

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  2. Your blackcurrants and redcurrants are looking fantastic! I have no idea why redcurrants hate living on my allotment, but at least I can say my blackcurrants are alive, even if they aren’t quite as spectacular as yours yet!

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    1. I am amazed at how well they are doing! As I mentioned, they are much too close together although I did give them half a sack of manure a couple of months ago. I had better finish the last few from last year before these ripen. Lovely with a few raspberries and a good teaspoonful of molasses whizzed together in a glass of milk……or in summer pudding. I haven’t had success with making blackcurrant cordial, yet. I will try again this year.


  3. My lawyers will be in touch with regard to your unashamed poaching of my Six ideas this week. Really it’s a disgrace! Actually as many of us garden in a similar climate here in the UK there is often a passing resemblance from one Six to another, some duplication is inevitable. It merely shows what impeccable taste you have. Or I have. Or we have…

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