Six-on-Saturday 5-5-18

Well, what a lovely start to the week! A day with Mr and Mrs Propagator and their amazing children. I had a comprehensive tour of the estate conducted by #1 son-in-law himself. I saw the 🌷, living wall, 🌷, compost heap, 🌷, planter, 🌷, veg garden, 🌷 and greenhouse…oh and tulips! Very impressive and colourful – even better in real life.

PS. I admired Mr Propagator’s plants so I was given this selection of primulas, salvias and tomatoes.

Isn’t he kind!?

Is there a party to celebrate the 1st year?πŸ“£πŸ’₯πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ If so, I haven’t had an official invitation, yet, but well done anyway! As I may have said, it has got me back to enjoying my garden more, at least until the clay hardens and I need a pick axe to-do any weeding at all!

Anyway, here is my Six-on-Saturday.


I haven’t seen any other pictures of pink bluebells this year. (I should have pulled out that weed at the back!) Although, I am not sure of the nationality of it.


This clematis is beautiful every year. I cut it back to a skeleton sometimes twice in a season and it thrives.



There is a connection here! The first picture shows two of my most useful garden items :-

a) the golf club (minus the club head) is essential for making holes in the clay soil for my stakes. I can hammer it down as viciously as I like without it snapping ready for the cane and, of course, the cane topper. Also, my husband uses a right-handed golf glove so when it splits, he passes it to me. I always wear out the right-hand garden glove so this works well. ( Many would say that I need to be more “at one” with the soil and use my bare hands but I can pick up slugs, snails and worms without flinching!)

b) Golf tees don’t rot down on the compost heap, although that worm looks as though he is going to have a go!


The Solomon’s Seal has come on really well. I expect yours has caught up now, Jim. (I understand you were the first to join Mr P with the Six-on-Saturday.)


I had a dozen or so of these irises in clumps around the garden but only one clump still flowers. They look pretty with the perennial geraniums and forget-me-nots and rhubarb and spirea. ( I think there is a Wild Garlic almost hidden in there, too!)


That COMPOST CONTAINER is empty and waiting for the next lot of grass cuttings, vegetable peelings, dead mice, shredded paper and any other suitable detritus! I put the contents into the “dalek” to the right, which, in turn, had been emptied into the “dalek” to the right of it, which, in turn, had been emptied of it’s well rotted garden compost onto the potato sacks and onto the Runner bean patch.



11 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 5-5-18

  1. Jane, what is a “cane topper”? I see the cardboard in your compost bin. Why did I never think of that? I have some piles behind wire in the way back of my garden and cardboard would help keep in moisture. I’ll start saving bigger boxes. Amazon is at my house several times a week.

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    1. I think it was 14-4-2018 that I displayed about 10 of my ornamental cane protectors on Six-on-Saturday. Mine are earthenware or China – breakable but, I think, pretty. Simply to avoid poking myself in the eye!


    1. If you know anyone who plays golf, it is worth asking them if they have a broken club. ( That is if you have heavy clay soil and want to put in stakes!) Thank you for your comments.


    1. You probably look after it too well. Mine has the tried and tested Healthy Neglect method of care. It likes the shade so is in our front garden which, I am afraid, I don’t spend as much time on.


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