Six-on-Saturday 31-3-2018

Good morning. The Saturdays do come around very quickly – when you are retired, the days fly by!


The bird bath was a present several years ago, made from Derbyshire stone. The crocus is peeping through a perennial geranium which spreads itself around! It’s very pretty for many months and is not difficult to pull up so is not a nuisance.


I bought some violas in the autumn………one is a trailing variety and the other is the standard bedding variety. Can you tell which is which? I like them anyway but I still find that the winter flowering varieties pick up and do much better in the spring.


The Hellibore looks quite perky, even after being covered by so much snow a few weeks ago. (Notice the geranium behind it!)


This rose – Special Child, created for the CLIC Sargent charity, in memory of our grandchildren’s little cousin- is really lovely. It’s first flowers are a delicate pink, then , once the bush is ” dead-headed”, the second flowers are pink with fine,darker pink streaks, then the final ones are a solid, pretty pink! (Notice the geranium near the right-hand bottom corner.)


This shrub had to be cut back viciously after several branches were broken or badly bent with the weight of the snow. I am not sure what it is. The leaves have a pungent (but not unpleasant) smell and it has clusters of small, white flowers.


The peony’s shoots are looking very healthy. You may notice, again, the sticks and twigs! Our little cat, fortunately, is not too interested in mice or birds…yet, but loves to collect thin twigs or long pieces of grass and distribute them around the garden! (He especially liked the feathery foliage on our neighbour’s carrots last year, so pulled one up and brought it into our garden!!!)(Notice the perennial geranium, again!)

That’s it for this week – I am looking forward to seeing the wide variety of Sixes-on-Saturday, as always.

7 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 31-3-2018

    1. I haven’t yet allowed them to self-seed. I tend to lift them to make room for the old reliable annual geraniums in the troughs. I might at least replant them in the garden, or even leave them as they are? Thank you for the comment.

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  1. I guess you like geraniums! I find that the so-called trailing violas only seem to trail if planted on their sides – if planted upright, they just produce longer stems. But then if you plant non-trailing violas on their sides, they trail. And anything described as “winter ….” always flowers better in spring. That’s life.


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