Six-on-Saturday 24-3-2018

Here we go, again! I am having difficulty limiting my selection, even at this time of year! Maybe because I am new to the game and a bit too enthusiastic!


I do like ivy but it can become quite unruly. This is a concrete fence post which has no purpose but is too big for me to get rid of! I am quite happy with the “Ivy Shrub” look.


My son and partner gave me these Fritillaria Meleagris on Mother’s Day. I do like them so I must be careful not to dig them up by mistake – again!! I will mark them clearly for when they die down.


The herb garden is looking promising. The chives come back every year and are happy to be cut frequently, in fact, we have used some already for a potato salad a few weeks ago. (Admittedly with old potatoes but adding chives and salad cream – NOT mayonnaise in our house!) Meanwhile, the parsley is from a supermarket pot on which the advice was ” Not suitable for planting out”. That was at least 8 months ago and it has kept coming back and has not bolted yet!


This is an annual called Cerinthe Major Purpurascens. I know it doesn’t look very exciting but it grows purple flowers and produces large black seeds. They seed themselves regularly and do survive the winter. My neighbour has admired them several times and I have passed on seedlings but they do not like being transplanted.


The pulmonaria is always good value. I know you can get various colours ranging from white to dark purple and almost red too, but I am happy with this since they do take up space and are not particularly beautiful for the rest of the year.


This Pittosporum is a lovely healthy plant which we chose at our local garden centre using some vouchers. We bought the pot there too having searched much further afield only to find the best selection almost on our doorstep!

I am enjoying all the other Sixes-on-Saturday – very impressive and interesting!

A little note to Lora – a couple of uses for rhubarb, if you don’t really like it as such.

*Rhubarb vodka.

Our daughter won a raffle prize and thought it was for an X-box game only to find it was 6 bottles of vodka!! However, not liking vodka particularly, she made this rhubarb vodka which is very pleasant!

*Rhubarb and raspberry crumble.

Just add a dozen or so raspberries to the lightly stewed rhubarb then cover with your usual crumble mix. The result has more zing than ordinary rhubarb crumble but, I admit, it still tastes slightly of the rhubarb too!

8 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 24-3-2018

  1. One of the things I love about seeing the close-ups of people’s soil is that it’s full of leaf mulch and fragments of small twigs. We are all improving our soil and not just with bags of amendments from the garden shop.


    1. One of my Six-on-Saturday next week, or the week after, will explain all the twigs and bits in/on my garden. I like good compost but I agree with you although I do love to spread well rotted horse manure which I can get locally at a reasonable price!


  2. Give me a recipe & I’m yours. A gin recipe AND one for a desert . . . I may have to reconsider this rhubarb antipathy.


  3. I had never heard of cerinthe, so googled it and loved those purple flowers. And your fritillary….how gorgeous is that? I’ve tried here, but haven’t had any luck with them. I think it’s just too hot.


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